360 Tour and 360 Video

Here at CMPD Solutions, we now offer a great range of 360 tour, 360 video, 360 drone and 360 imagery. Our highly skilled photographers and drone pilots have been creating some amazing 360 work, adding that ‘wow factor’ and interactivity to businesses of all sizes. A 360 Tour can be a great addition to any business, helping showcase your business and give another dimension to your marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about the different 360 services we now have to offer.

What is a 360 Tour?

What is a 360 Tour, we hear you ask? Well you may have seen these online before, but these days the quality and interactivity is much more advanced. A 360 Tour, or Virtual Tour as they are sometimes known, is a simulation of a real life location created by seamlessly composing a sequence of videos or images together.  Sounds complicated, but the results can be outstanding and can give your potential customers a real feel for your business premises, property or venue.

Imagine being able to visit a location before you have even been there, walk from room to room, peak out of the windows at the view and even look at the height of the ceilings. This is all possible with 360 Tours giving an almost real world feel to your online presence. This is a great addition to any business website and has seen amazing success for wedding venues tours, hotels tours, business venues tours, sports venue tours and many more.

360 Tour

Click Here for a great example of one of our 360 Tours in action.  As you can see you can click through from room to room to see a full 360 tour of each different area of this hotel. You can even see real video playing on the TV screens of the Bowlers Bar.  To add even more wow factor to this tour we even have an aerial 360 of the family green area, letting you see the entire venue and far out to sea.  To top this off we have added an amazing 360 video of the private beach allowing you to see and hear the tide coming in with full 360 views.

360 Drone Photography

Another great way to photograph your venue or business premises is from the air. Our talented, (PFAW) qualified and insured RPAS drone pilots can take some amazing aerial shots of your location, to literally give a bird’s eye view and add a whole new perspective to your business photography. This works really well with one of our 360 tours and gives your potential customers an amazing feeling for the size, scale and style of your business location.

We can take single shots or large scale panoramic pictures to really show the best of your business location delivering the shots and angles you require. What really makes us stand out above the competition is our complete 360 Drone Photography. We can deliver full panoramic 360 drone photographs to give a seamless, high quality 360 bird’s eye view of your location. This is the latest technology for drone photography and can give your business that little bit extra style, to make you stand out above your competitors.

Drone Photography

We work closely with our clients to ensure the final drone photo sets exceed their exact requirements and deliver the highest quality imagery. Our high tech equipment and cameras gives amazing results for your business. We deliver high resolution images giving you the best possible photographs, giving your business a truly professional image.

Contact us today to discuss your 360 image requirements or to hire one of our talented drone pilots.


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