Integrated Gift Message Cards

We specialise in the supply of integrated gift tags/labels too.

Many online retailers have realised they can increase revenue by offering and ‘charging’ their customers for a personalised Integrated Gift card that can be pre-built into their despatch stationery.

Whilst the client is on your website and placing their order, by simply adding a ‘would you like to add a personalised gift message to your order’ at the end of the checkout could increase your revenue considerably.

Not only does our integrated gift message card help eliminate mismatching of the wrong paperwork mistakenly being picked and sent with the wrong gift/product, but also keeps the same form together throughout the whole process, enabling you to streamline the product by lasering the despatch note, address label and gift tag all in the same process by having them all built in to one innovative form.

For help and advice on which product is best suited to your business please feel free to contact us.