Cross Media

Are you looking to increase and expand your business?

Do you need new customers?

Have you lost touch or forgotten your previous or lost customers?

We can combine your print, email and web pages with mobile/digital marketing technology to help you create an engaging experience to your end user (client/patient).

With the huge growth and success of Social Media, we can create a cross media marketing campaign to help make you stand out from your competitors.

We can create an alternative user experience using the latest in digital technology to help your marketing campaign not only get noticed, but more importantly help increase ROI.


We could help design a mini cross media marketing campaign to send out a direct mail piece, with a built in AR (Augmented Reality) trigger that can trigger an exciting user experience for the customer. This could be used to promote a special offer, an exciting event, an invitation, a new product launch, a training video, promote events, explain Returns procedures, or even start a game, the opportunities are endless!

Whatever your project, we would be happy to discuss your requirements to create a professional memorable user experience.