Integrated Gift Messaging Cards

We provide quality multi-functional Gift Message Cards and Label documents for ecommerce and online retailers and work with some of the largest online brands.

Many clients struggle to know where to start with gift messaging and usually end up using multiple items including a separate outbound despatch label, a separate despatch/pick list note and then add a gift message card too, which can be very labour intensive and risk mismatching of documents being sent with a wrong gift.

Whether you need the gift message card to go inside the box with the goods or on the outside of the box, we will have a solution for you.

Quality Gift Message cards with a linerless outbound despatch label.
Gift card is printed with the outbound address label and the gift message in one pass of the printer.

The Outbound address label is removed and simply applied to the outside of the packaging.

The gift card containing the personalised gift message simply folds and is put in with the gift inside the packaging:

Gift Messaging
Gift Messaging

Once the gift has arrived with your customer we are led to believe the client is at their ‘happiness’, therefore why not use this opportunity to market to the recipient of the gift. You would have the email addresses of the customer who ordered the gift from you but you probably don’t have the email address of the recipient, therefore if they are happy with their gift they have just received…they may like to send a gift themselves to a family/friend or loved one themselves.

Therefore we have developed our gift message card with a personalisable marketing panel, to enable every customer to receive a tailored marketing message too, which can be based on their purchase.

We can also advise on the additional software and printers to enable this very clever process, which can enable clever QR data capture to help obtain the email address of the recipient and enabling them to provide their email address and opt in (with their permission) to receiving updates form you on competitions/refer a friend and loyalty etc too, see:

If the products you are sending out are pre-sealed (eg hampers) we have gift message cards that can easily be lasered/personalised and applied to the outside of the packaging which also offers fantastic marketing opportunities too, as the gift message is not only protected from the element of the weather, but can display smart branding/marketing on the outside of the outer gift packaging too, enabling more potential customers to see your marketing whilst in transit. (See image)

We create bespoke gift messaging card forms integrating all these separate pieces (outbound address label/Gift message card and picking list) all in one multifunctional piece of media (paper or card) which can be pre-printed in colour all at once through a single pass of a laser printer, eliminating the possibility of mismatching the wrong gift card with an incorrect despatch label or address label, and keeping the whole document together throughout the despatch picking and packing process.

Gift Messaging

We have documents available that contain multiple gift cards too and can include an outbound address labels on a single sheet, from A5 card, A4 laser sheets containing 2 gift cards up to large SRA3 sheets containing multiple gift cards and labels.

We have a range of finishes and different thickness of card and can help streamline production of large volumes of retail gift cards too, most customers choosing thicker materials to help their customers feel valued by offering a more luxurious premium gift message card to complement their brand, and presenting a handy ‘keepsake’ gift card  to the customer that they can place on display eg on a shelf to remind them of their special occasion.

We work with many clients providing gift messaging document solutions to include luxury chocolates/flowers/hampers/jewellery/clothing to name a few.

Some of our latest gift messaging products are environmentally friendly too, made from FSC sourced materials, some include linerless labels and some are made in zero to landfill factories too.

If you would like more information on how we can help streamline your online gift messaging process please contact our team by emailing or call us on 01502 377322


We specialise in the supply of integrated gift tags/labels too.

Gift Message

Many online retailers have realised they can increase revenue by offering and ‘charging’ their customers for a personalised Integrated Gift card that can be pre-built into their despatch stationery.

Whilst the client is on your website and placing their order, by simply adding a ‘would you like to add a personalised gift message to your order’ at the end of the checkout could increase your revenue considerably.

Not only does our integrated gift message card help eliminate mismatching of the wrong paperwork mistakenly being picked and sent with the wrong gift/product, but also keeps the same form together throughout the whole process, enabling you to streamline the product by lasering the despatch note, address label and gift tag all in the same process by having them all built in to one innovative form.

For help and advice on which product is best suited to your business please feel free to contact us.