Healthcare ICE Forms Integrated Labels

healthcare integrated labelsWe supply integrated label multi-functional forms that can include multiple labels within a sheet that can be used for many applications including Blood tracking forms, patient appointment letters, enabling the user to personalise the letter/form through the laser, personalising the address/label area at the same time as lasering the body of the letter.

ICE/Order Comms Forms with integrated Labels:

New Order-Communications software is now being used by many hospitals/trusts called Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) system, which eliminates delays when booking in samples and gathering patient samples.

Our Integrated label ICE/Order Comms (Communications) forms help streamline the process by enabling you to produce multiple patient labels within a single document to label specific products such as test tubes/blood/specimen bags, whilst keeping the order form together throughout the order Comms process. This helps not only streamline your process but eliminates the possibility of mismatching the wrong sample with the wrong patients records.