Thermal Despatch Notes With Integrated Label

Our innovative Thermal Despatch Notes are an alternative method to the integrated label form that are currently used by e-commerce and online retailers, for clients looking to not only reduce their consumable running costs and enhance their operation procedure, but the multi-functional document can also be used as a clever marketing vehicle to promote their business and other information further.

This ‘clever’ multi purpose form can be printed up to 4 colour process both sides and offers your client a smart presentable delivery note, which we can build in integrated labels (in a range of different shapes and sizes) that can have a number of useful purposes from delivery/returns address labels through to marketing labels or even gift message cards, enabling the multi-functional document the ability to be personalised through the thermal printer in the same pass.

The label area can even be pre-printed underneath the silicone too to maximise the amount of information the form can carry.

We can supply these fan-folded, or on a roll and currently can be produced in 11″ 12”,13”,16.5”  and 17” deep , in both direct thermal and thermal transfer, in a range of different finishes, similar to the images displayed.

If you are sending a large volume of despatches abroad we can offer a top coat to help protect the label too.

For more information on the media or the thermal printers to use these forms please contact us.

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Thermal Despatch Note