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Top Integrated Label Uses

Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels have become more and more popular over the past 5 years. With the growth of online businesses and the ever expanding global marketplace, comes a greater need for quick and easy despatch solutions and customer friendly returns. More advanced despatch solutions are needed to allow businesses of all sizes to easily take orders and despatch their products quickly and efficiently. In 2016 it is estimated that £1.4 billion will be spent through online e-commerce websites! That is a lot of orders, a lot of packages and a lot of deliveries for the local postal and carrier services. With numbers like this, you can see why more advanced despatch solutions are being taken on board by businesses all over the world. This is where a range of integrated labels come into the play, making it much easier and faster for both online and traditional businesses to distribute their products with around the globe.
What are integrated labels?

Integrated Labels are clever forms that usually have one, (or more if needed), sticky labels which are built into a sheet of paper, (usually A4 sheets but can also be supplied in A3 and A5 sheet formats and sometime still used in continuous formats). Sometimes simply known as “shipping labels” or “invoice labels”, or “returns labels” or even “marketing labels” the integrated labels have a number of additional uses which all help streamline the despatch process. Orders can simply be printed onto the sheet of paper, allowing the warehouse pickers to put together the order. They then simply take the sticky label from the paper and adhere the label straight onto the package ready for posting. This couldn’t be easier and we can build in carrier labels including Collect + Plus , DPD, making product distribution faster for a number of businesses.

Using integrated labels for shipping labels is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the usage of this ideal despatch solution. Below we have listed our favorite 3 uses for Integrated Labels to showcase the versatility of this great printing medium….

Some of our favorite Integrated Products

Integrated Gift Message Cards

Retailers are now using integrated labels in a very clever way, to allow customer to personalise their product packaging with the addition of a personalised gift card. A customer can choose their own message to add to the card at checkout, “Happy Birthday Mum” for example. The gift card is simply integrated into picking note and printed with the order. The warehouse picker then simply attaches the integrated gift message card before sending and within seconds you have a nicely personalised package.

Integrated Butterfly Cards

The integrated butterfly cards are a great use of the integrated labels system. These are perfect for use as a membership card, loyalty card, discount card or even for a refer-a-friend card. This basically gives the receiver a personalised, sturdy, usable card that they can keep in their purse or wallet. The card comes unfolded as part of your letter. You separate your card from the letter and fold in half, automatically sticking the front and back of the card together. This gives the card extra thickness and quality feeling for the client. The cards can even have holograms on them to give that extra level of security.

Integrated Butterfly Card

Healthcare Integrated ICE Forms

Integrated labels are also used to help the healthcare industry. The integrated ICE Forms is a very popular and useful integrated label solution. Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) Forms are used by hospitals and trusts to help speed up the gathering of patient’s data and booking in samples. These forms can contain a number of different removable integrated sticky label areas, which can be pre-printed with patients details and once removed from the carrier sheet are attached to multiple samples or information sheets. This could be anything from the patient’s appointment letter through to a blood test form. Using this integrated multi-functional document method allows us to help streamline these processes and cut down on the chances of losing samples or mismatching incorrect patients data.

Try Integrated Label Solutions

These are just a few of the uses of integrated labels which all go towards making it easier, faster and more efficient for companies around the world to do business. Cross Media Print & Digital Solutions have a wide range of Integrated Labels solutions helping with your despatch, returns, marketing and security needs. Please visit our services page to read all about the different possibilities you could have with our integrated label solutions.


360 Tour and 360 Video

Here at CMPD Solutions, we now offer a great range of 360 tour, 360 video, 360 drone and 360 imagery. Our highly skilled photographers and drone pilots have been creating some amazing 360 work, adding that ‘wow factor’ and interactivity to businesses of all sizes. A 360 Tour can be a great addition to any business, helping showcase your business and give another dimension to your marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about the different 360 services we now have to offer.

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CMPD Video Books

Our alternative marketing solutions include Video Books (LCD Screens built into printed products), great for product launches, training, welcome packs, Promotions, Target/direct Marketing, Events and conferences, Direct mail, Luxury invitations, Announcements, Marketing Communications & Promotional brochures.

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Introducing the latest in ‘Security Labelling’

We have a diverse range of label products, including the latest specialist Security Label range to help combat fraud. From specialist Car and Aeroplane Door Tamper Evident labels to Prestigious brands quality retail packaging labels, our range of products not only helps combat fraud but also helps compliment your brand and help to make your client feel valued.


Integrated Gift Messaging Form – Increase your ROI

According to Internet Retailing ( ) UK shoppers were estimated to spend a total of £17.4bn online last Christmas.


By offering a gift wrap service and enabling your customers the opportunity to offer a ‘personalised gift message’ can actually help to increase your ROI by charging a premium for the service.


We offer the latest in gift message operational stationery. A despatch form with a built in integrated despatch label and gift message card to help streamline your despatch/gift messaging service.


Our integrated gift message carrier helps eliminate mismatching by including the despatch paperwork, delivery address label and gift message tag all on one streamlined document enabling them to all be personalised in one pass of the laser printer keeping all the elements together throughout the pick & pack process.


This ‘clever’ multi-functional document enables a smart waterproof (under film) marketing message to be adhered to the outside box (that will be seen by many potential clients on route to the recipient) with a ‘quality’ gift card (that can easily be removed from the package on receipt of their gift) that can be folded and kept by the recipient as a memento.


As the gift card applies to the outside of the packaging, you don’t need to open the gift package before applying to the gift. This can increase brand awareness whilst in transit to the recipient by using the message card to advertise your brand. Please ask us for more details or samples or simply click to view our demonstration.


Using the latest in digital technology we can even build in Augmented Reality triggers into the gift message to help ‘really’ engage your clients with your brand and encourage further spend to increase ROI. Contact us for more details on 01493 650619 or email



Our latest App Development / Augmented Reality Services

According to a recent report from Enterprise Mobility Exchange, 62.5% of IT leaders made their primary mobility investment in mobile apps. When looking at the main drivers behind these investments, it is clear to see why apps took the number one spot – with increased productivity (67.9%) and improving operational efficiency (50%) cited as reasons for prioritising app development projects.


An effective mobile strategy should be developed to help achieve business objectives including:

  • Customer lead generation
  • Improving business processes
  • Providing business intelligence
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Supporting channel management
  • Enabling remote working, collaboration or any of the other benefits mobile can bring.


We create exciting and functional experiences to help not only engage your clients further in your brand, but create real ‘wow’ factor advising and tailor your marketing campaign to help boost your product/message to market using the latest in digital technology.

Our Mobile apps can help boost and work to compliment your social media and help with SEO too.

Please contact us for more information.